Common Sense Mathematics  is a new approach to teaching quantitative reasoning (a.k.a. quantitative literacy) to college students.

The current stable version of the text is here, at

http://quantitativereasoning.net/commonsense/commonsense.pdf, with its instructor’s manual.

For the latest full draft of the text, see


Our text is now under contract with Cengage. We don’t yet have a publication date, but we can provide a version for class testing if you’re an interested instructor.

Watch this web site for updates on the project.

Feel free to contact us at any time.


Ethan Bolker (eb AT cs DOT umb DOT edu)
Maura Mast (maura DOT mast AT umb DOT edu)

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The development of Common Sense is supported in part by National Science Foundation grant DUE-0942186.